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Gene yfeA from Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655: predicted diguanylate cyclase
Member of NCBI Protein Clusters CLSK880383(See COMBREX Page ) (See NCBI page)
NCBI Entrez GeneID 946864
UniProtKB accession
RefSeq Protein accession NP_416896.4 (PROVISIONAL)
Gene Symbol(s)
  • symbol: yfeA
  • locus tag: b2395
  • aliases: ECK2389, JW5391
Organism Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655 (NCBI TaxID: 511145)
Other Cross References:
  • S
    Structure(s) available in PDB:
  • C
    Gene cloned by a participant in the Protein Structure Initiative (PSI): TargetDB. (To obtain a clone, please contact the PSI:Biology-Materials Repository.)
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    Protein purified by a participant in the Protein Structure Initiative (PSI): TargetDB. (If you are interested in collaborating to obtain the protein, please contact the Northeast Structural Genomics consortium).
  • Protein described in EcoCyc: EG11145
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Source Predicted function(s)
NCBI Protein Cluster Prediction putative diguanylate cyclase
Functional Status blueblue (function predicted, no experimental evidence)
Source of prediction NCBI Protein Clusters info
BLASTP hits to experimentally validated proteins This gene does not have a BLAST match to any experimentally validated gene with an E value below 1e-5
Domain Structure from CDD
  • EAL: EAL domain. This domain is found in diverse bacterial signaling proteins. It is called EAL after its conserved residues .... (More)
  • MASE1: MASE1. Predicted integral membrane sensor domain [Signal transduction mechanisms]
  • Nucleotidyl_cyc_III: Class III nucleotidyl cyclases. The GGDEF domain is named for the motif GG[DE]EF shared by many proteins carrying the do.... (More)

See domain structure on NCBI Conserved Domain Database
Domain structure from Pfam
See domain structure on Pfam Database
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 phylogenetic profile
domain fusion
cohEe14 prophage; repressor protein phage e14
umuDDNA polymerase V, subunit D
recADNA strand exchange and recombination protein with
metHhomocysteine-N5-methyltetrahydrofolate transmethyl
gmrcyclic-di-GMP phosphodiesterase; csgD regulator; m 
yegEpredicted diguanylate cyclase, GGDEF domain signal 
yliEpredicted cyclic-di-GMP phosphodiesterase, inner m 
xanPxanthine permease 
yeaIpredicted diguanylate cyclase 
ygfUpredicted transporter 
rutGpredicted transporter 
yfeApredicted diguanylate cyclase 
yfiNpredicted diguanylate cyclase 
adrAdiguanylate cyclase for cellulose, biofilm, motili 
dosPoxygen sensor, c-di-GMP phosphodiesterase, heme-re 
yhjKpredicted diguanylate cyclase 
csrDtargeting factor for csrBC sRNA degradation 
yjcCpredicted cyclic-di-GMP phosphodiesterase 
rtnresistance protein for phages lambda and N4, when  
adrBpredicted phosphodiesterase 
arcADNA-binding response regulator in two-component re 
yeaPdiguanylate cyclase 
ydaMdiguanylate cyclase, csgD regulator 
ycdTdiguanylate cyclase 
creBDNA-binding response regulator in two-component re 
barAhybrid sensory histidine kinase, in two-component  
ycgFanti-repressor for YcgE, blue light-responsive; FA 
yneFpredicted diguanylate cyclase 
yahAc-di-GMP-specific phosphodiesterase 
ydeHdiguanylate cyclase, required for pgaD induction 
dosCdiguanylate cyclase 
ylaBpredicted cyclic-di-GMP phosphodiesterase 
ycgGpredicted cyclic-di-GMP phosphodiesterase 
aerfused signal transducer for aerotaxis sensory comp 
yedQpredicted diguanylate cyclase 
chbCN,N'-diacetylchitobiose-specific enzyme IIC compon 
yfgFinner membrane protein, predicted c-di-GMP dual ac 
yeaJpredicted diguanylate cyclase 
yliFpredicted diguanylate cyclase