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Protein Cluster PRK05433: GTP-binding protein LepA

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Functional Information
NCBI Protein Clusters definition GTP-binding protein LepA
EC number N/A
COG functional category Cell wall/membrane biogenesis [CELLULAR PROCESSES AND SIGNALING]
Conserved domains (CDD)
  • lepA_C: lepA_C: This family represents the C-terminal region of LepA, a GTP-binding protein localized in the cytoplasmic membran.... (More)
  • LepA: LepA subfamily. LepA belongs to the GTPase family of and exhibits significant homology to the translation factors EF-G .... (More)
  • lepA_II: lepA_II: This subfamily represents the domain II of LepA, a GTP-binding protein localized in the cytoplasmic membrane. T.... (More)
Genes In This Cluster

Below is a table of genes encoding each protein sequence in this cluster. By default, genes that COMBREX recommends for experimental validation (info) are listed first (these table rows are highlighted), with all remaining genes following in alphabetical order by organism name. Legend for icons:

Functional Status Symbols (info) Footnotes (info)
gold Experimental evidence (curated)

Protein Cloned by the Protein Structure Initiative

green Experimental evidence (uncurated)

Contains a Pfam domain shared with Human proteins

blue Molecular function predicted

Functional Prediction submitted to COMBREX

black No functional information available

Recommended for validation by COMBREX

Protein Structure available in PDB

Protein pUrified by the Protein Structure Initiative