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Gene yjgA from Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655: conserved protein, ribosome-associated
Member of NCBI Protein Clusters PRK05255(See COMBREX Page ) (See NCBI page)
NCBI Entrez GeneID 948751
UniProtKB accession
RefSeq Protein accession NP_418655.1 (PROVISIONAL)
Gene Symbol(s)
  • symbol: yjgA
  • locus tag: b4234
  • aliases: ECK4229, JW4193
Organism Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655 (NCBI TaxID: 511145)
Other Cross References:
  • S
    Structure(s) available in PDB:
  • C
    Gene cloned by a participant in the Protein Structure Initiative (PSI): TargetDB. (To obtain a clone, please contact the PSI:Biology-Materials Repository.)
  • U
    Protein purified by a participant in the Protein Structure Initiative (PSI): TargetDB. (If you are interested in collaborating to obtain the protein, please contact the Northeast Structural Genomics consortium).
  • Protein described in EcoCyc: EG11410
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Source Predicted function(s)
NCBI Protein Cluster Prediction hypothetical protein
Functional Status blueblue (function predicted, no experimental evidence)
Source of prediction NCBI annotation info
BLASTP hits to experimentally validated proteins This gene does not have a BLAST match to any experimentally validated gene with an E value below 1e-5
GO terms
  • CC: GO:0005737 : cytoplasm : IEA
Domain Structure from CDD
  • DUF615: Protein of unknown function (DUF615). hypothetical protein; Provisional

See domain structure on NCBI Conserved Domain Database
Domain structure from Pfam
See domain structure on Pfam Database
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 phylogenetic profile
sspBClpXP protease specificity-enhancing factor
lptClipopolysaccharide export, IM-tethered periplasmic
xerCsite-specific tyrosine recombinase
ftsNessential cell division protein
lptELPS assembly OM complex LptDE, lipoprotein compone
hemYpredicted protoheme IX synthesis protein
rdgCnucleoid-associated ssDNA and dsDNA binding protei
lolBOM lipoprotein required for localization of lipopr
Phenotype Description Expression
Ampicillin sensitivity Knockout confers increased sensitivity to ampicillin Knock out
PMID: 20065048
Gentamicin sensitivity Knockout confers increased sensitivity to gentamicin Knock out
PMID: 20065048
Neomycin sensitivity Knockout confers increased sensitivity to neomycin Knock out
PMID: 20065048
Nitrofurantoin sensitivity Knockout confers increased sensitivity to nitrofurantoin Knock out
PMID: 20065048
Rifampicin sensitivity Knockout confers increased sensitivity to rifampicin Knock out
PMID: 20065048
Tobramycin sensitivity Knockout confers increased sensitivity to tobramycin Knock out
PMID: 20065048